Dr. Rick Harris

Dr. Rick Harris and his wife, Jeri have been in the youth ministry field for over 30 years. Rick has successfully navigated the politics of the church while not losing sight of his mission of reaching students. Rick has countless stories of the impacts he's made in the lives of students over the years and lifelong friends who share his deep love of the ministry.

Rick has fought the pressures to move out of youth ministry as he aged, but has continued to pursue what God has called him to. In his quest to continue this passion, he completed his Doctorate of Ministries in 2017 writing what some call a "necessary understanding of aging in youth ministry" that will allow them to "make it in youth ministry."

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With 30+ years of experience in Pastoral Ministry, most of those years spent as a Student Pastor, in 3 states and 7 churches, Dr. Rick Harris has experienced many aspects of church ministry.  Dr. Harris has recently completed his Doctorate of Ministry, writing his thesis on the Aging of the Youth Minister.  Through personal experience and an extensive youth minister survey, the results have shown similarities of student ministers as they lead their ministries.

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